Nothing. Is. Impossible.

About Us

Nothing is impossible, we want you to experience that physically. Through calisthenics, movement and play you can master your body. The aim at Calisthenics Club is to support anyone, anywhere, anytime in going beyond their physical limits.

Through our different coaching methods our aim is to help you achieve your physical potential. Our range of programmes are designed to make you feel strong, keep you mobile and injury free and keep training interesting.


Our coaches have extensive experience in the fitness industry and specialise in Calisthenics, Movement, Yoga and more to be able to provide you with what you and your body need.



Personal is about you and your specific goals. With our coaches having a wide range of backgrounds you will receive specific and dedicated guidance to smash your goals in no time. This route is when you know what it is you’d like to achieve and are ready to move towards that sole aim. You will receive a unique programme based on what you’d like to achieve, support alongside your programme and then feedback and updates to keep you moving forward at a good pace. The benefit of personal is that your coach will be able to tailor specifics for you, your body and your goals resulting in you achieving the target you set out.

  • The ability to receive tuition anywhere in the world
  • A dedicated bespoke programme for your goals, training needs and starting level
  • Access to a dedicated coach for support and to answer all of your questions
  • Access to the CALISTHENICS CLUB community
  • 50% discount on all WORKSHOPS

Our aim with monthly is to help you with long term progression and become and all round calisthenics champ! There is a different monthly theme/focus with easy to follow programmes. There are different levels so it is accessible for all abilities, our aim is to get you to progress to the next level every time. Along with the monthly programmes there are optional guided sessions in yoga, movement, conditioning and more. The benefit of monthly is a low cost, easy to follow programme to see long term progression in a range of skills and areas, long term body mastery.

  • The ability to receive tuition anywhere in the world
  • A progressive syllabus for long term continual progression
  • Different themes and focuses every month to keep training interesting
  • A monthly programme that includes instruction for all exercises
  • Additional guided sessions including yoga, movement, conditioning and more
  • Regular testing sessions and access to a personal progression chart to monitor your gains
  • Access to the CALISTHENICS CLUB community
  • 50% discount on all WORKSHOPS

Each workshop will have a dedicated and targeted aim. It is an in-depth look at isolated movements and exercises. Each workshop will be aimed at different levels and have crossover in to each level to help you progress from one to the next. Workshops aren’t something that are put on every day, they are an addition to your training to help you unlock and begin to master a skill using in person advice and support. An essential addition to anyone’s training. The benefit of workshops is discovering those little details that have to be felt.

  • In person contact to train with the experts to see, experience and feel
  • A specific session to supplement and enhance your current training
  • Access to up to date exercises to help you unlock and master skills
  • Theory and practical elements delivered in detail to aid your understanding
  • Opportunity to meet and socialise with the CALISTHENICS CLUB community
  • Printed and digital material to compliment the information provided at the WORKSHOP